About Us

Welcome from Kirsty, Kester and the team at HPAC!

At Heartspace, your child will engage in high quality dance and performing arts training in a nurturing, heart centred environment. Lead by Kirsty (28 years of dance teaching experience and a professional dancer herself) the Heartspace team are highly trained and qualified in a broad range of dance techniques.

Technique is pivotal

We focus on our students attaining a foundation of strong technique achieved through fostering persistence, resilience and self-belief. Our highly trained and accomplished teachers, who are still performing professionally themselves, will work with your child so they can experience the magic of expression through dance, not only falling in love with dance and the arts but also fostering a love of learning.

A sense of kinship and belonging enhances your child’s experience

In addition to teaching dance steps and strong technique, Heartspace provides a nurturing environment where each student feels embraced and valued by teachers and fellow students alike. We are committed to providing a connected community of dancers who facilitate and celebrate each other’s success and support each other through challenges.

Choose your own adventure

Whether your child wants to dance purely for fun and social connection or aspires to be a professional dancer, each student can personalize their dance experience at Heartspace. We offer students the opportunity to engage in goal setting, syllabus exams, workshops (local and interstate), professional mentoring, eisteddfods, competitions, mid-year showcases and end-of-year concerts. If there is a class you would like to have – tell us! As we grow we will be adding more classes.

Opportunities to perform....and compete

At our studio, your child matters. We strive to offer each member of our student community, no matter where they are in their dancing journey, opportunities to perform and feel their contribution is valued.

Each year HPAC will produce professionally innovative choreographed, beautifully costumed performances for all students to showcase what they are learning. This is a lovely opportunity for family and friends to see your child on stage as they develop self-confidence and experience as a performer.

Students will have opportunities to participate in performances outside the usual dance school setting and perform on stage with professional dancers in original Arts Funded projects!

A competition troupe (by invitation) will compete at local, state-wide and interstate events as opportunities arise. 

Why bbodance syllabus classes?

A Syllabus is created by leading experts to educate students in a holistic manner, so that correct, safe, technical training is achieved. Students have the option of participating in an examination, receiving a personal critique and mark. We are grateful to have chosen bbodance- British Ballet Organisation who support and encourage dancers. Children who partake in examinations will have the advantage of being able to pursue a teaching career in dance.

The Affiliation of bbodance with OFQUAL (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulations) brings bbodance registered teachers in line with the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and Cecchetti methods. Bbodance also has a strong Code of Conduct and high expectations of teachers to engage in professional development.

Collaboration over competition

At Heartspace we believe in supporting all dancers, including those from other dance schools. This culture of appreciation and encouragement makes for a wonderful experience both at our home studio and at competitions and events. We feel so privileged to be collaborating and building connections with leading dance schools on the coast such as Noosa’s Performing Arts Factory. This will enhance the learning for your child as students will have the opportunity to engage in workshops, classes and events that would not happen without such cooperation. 

Students are expected to conduct themselves in alignment with the school’s values and culture and will be supported by teachers to do so. We are also diligent in providing age appropriate music, themes and costumes for all our classes and performances.



- Love Kirsty, Kester and the Heartspace team