Maleny Kindy Dance Program

Is this your young child’s first dance experience? Many children need time to acclimatise to the experience of dance classes.

I remember my first ballet lesson at 3 years old. I sat on my mother’s lap crying. I did this for the first 3 weeks until I felt comfortable enough to join in, even though I wanted to join in from the very first lesson. I just felt too shy.

For almost all of my 0-5yr old students, this is their first activity/class, and first ballet lesson. I take this responsibility seriously and do my very best to create a magical, fun and engaging experience, so they fall in love with dance and music and very importantly, that they love learning!

Be reassured that it is Ok if your child wants to run around because I will bring them back in gently. If they are shy I can help build their confidence. I can offer guidance for parents introducing their child to dance for the first time and help allay any concerns.

Maleny Prep Dance Class

Junior Program: Prep - grade 2 (approx.)

Our program for this age group focusses on cultivating the love of dance and learning in the student. It includes technique, performance and expression as it’s foundation. This program builds confidence, creativity and enthusiasm in your child through consistent nurturing.

Maleny Primary Dance Class

Intermediate Program: Grade 3 – 6 (approx.)

Our intermediate program advances the higher motor skills present in older students and focusses on developing skills and techniques in an encouraging environment. The core theme of honing performance, expression and creativity is continued for your child in this phase as it builds confident dancers.

Maleny High School Dance Class

Senior Program: High School – Adult

Whether you have been dancing for a while or are just starting out, this program caters to your needs by skilfully developing your current abilities. Challenges are provided at all levels, to facilitate growth and development in your dancing.

Maleny Adult Dance Classes

Adult Program: Senior High School Upwards

Whether you have always wanted to dance or are getting back into dance, this program adapts to all levels. Experience learning in a space where it is fine to make mistakes and to accept that you may not be able to achieve a move or dance routine instantly. The classes move along at the progress required by you, with results being increased strength, fitness, coordination, confidence and performance.

We offer specialised adult classes such as pure beginner cabaret, and mama's hip-hop heels/jazz. Adults are welcome to join in with any senior class including classes incorporating our teen students.

Boys Program

Heartspace is delighted to offer a unique boys program presented by accomplished, skilled and highly trained professional dancer and school teacher Kester Chalkley.  Having a male teacher working with the boys is advantageous because it gives boys a leading edge. Your son will be engaged by training with Kester who has a Bachelor of Learning Management in Primary Education and is currently the head of the music department at a primary school. Trained at the Victorian College of the Arts School of Dance and the Australian Ballet School, Kester is passionate about inspiring boys to be their best.

Mentoring Program

Our mentoring program gives senior students a chance to delve into the art of teaching. Students will learn by assisting the teacher during classes and will grow by gradually being given more responsibility.

Regular discussions and feedback about classes will be sought consistently, and through this process the mentor will encourage the student to investigate what worked and where improvements can be made.

Together we will set goals and communicate regularly, checking in to make sure the student feels they are accomplishing their intentions and dreams. Journal writing will be encouraged so that the students can reflect upon their progress.

When the mentor feels the student is ready to teach, a suitable class will be arranged. Guidance will be given towards furthering teaching qualifications through the advising of available courses and certificates as optional extras. The mentoring program is open for senior students by invitation.